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Some Truth

Tobacco, in the form of cigarettes, is the most addictive drug in the world​

Nicotine is one of the strongest stimulants known to man

Smoking is one of the most efficient drug-delivery systems

Smoking actually puts drugs onto the brain more directly than intravenous injection

It is true that one of the benefits of smoking is the brief relief of internal tension; unfortunately, within 20 minutes the tension is back stronger than before, demanding another fix.

No other quit smoking program in the world can compare with our well documented success rates. For the last sixteen years our team has improved Laser Acupuncture Technology to the point where we have one of the most documented successful stop smoking programs in the world.

Low Level Laser (soft laser) Therapy is:



Highly Effective

Affordable (for the average smoker the cost is less than buying one month's worth of cigarettes)

Client verifies the efficacy of Imagine Laserworks to help stop smoking.

To obtain our well documented 85 – 94% success rate Imagine Laserworks of New England address’s all three parts of the addiction:


     Physical – Laser/electronic stimulation of acupressure points on the ears, nose, fingers and wrists to increase endorphin levels,         relax you and minimize or eliminate cravings.

     Psychological – Cd’s, print outs/handouts, tips, tools and one on one coaching.

     Detoxification – eliminating from your body the thousands of dangerous, toxic, chemical poisons that resulted from inhaling               burning poisions on an average of 200 times per day.


Step one – Physical


Imagine Laserworks of New England helps with the physical part of the addiction by stimulating key neuro-chemical pathways on the ears, nose, fingers and wrists, the pituitary and the hypothalamus (acupuncture points) with a soft laser and electronic stimulation.

This stimulation sends a huge signal to your brain to produce large amounts of feel good, pain relieving chemicals called endorphins which alleviate most if not all of the cravings for nicotine. The stimulation from the laser session builds up from 12 to 24 hours, levels off and slowly dissipates over a period of 4 to 6 weeks. This opens a big window for you when cravings are minimized or non-existent and you feel really good about yourself. Most clients say to us “if they can just get an edge on this addiction they will have it beat”.

Well how about a 4 to 6 week edge where you have a huge surge of endorphins and those cravings are minimized or non-existent?

These brain chemicals – endorphins – eliminate most if not all of the physical cravings for nicotine.

Step two – Psychological


During your appointment trained technicians will provide you with the tools and techniques that are needed to deal with the psychological issues such as-

  • What do I do now that I don’t smoke?

  • What about after dinner?

  • What do I do when I have my morning coffee?

  • What happens if I have a glass of wine or a beer?

  • What happens if I am with my smoking friends?

  • You can also call us for online support any time you feel the need (within reasonable hours)


Alcohol is the number one reason for clients to relapse and choose to become smokers again, even years after their session. People are more relaxed and feel more confident when they have had a few drinks. They feel that they can handle just one cigarette for old time’s sake – wrong move, be careful.

Stress is the number two reason for relapse. This is simple, we can help you minimize stress by stimulating additional acupuncture points associated with stress and of course you can take some more magnesium to minimize those up and down mood swings.

Interestingly, when nicotine abstinence is monitored in smokers they typically report a pattern of repetitive mood fluctuations, with normal moods during smoke inhalation followed by periods of increasing stress between cigarettes.


These mood fluctuations also tend to be strongest in the most dependent smokers. Though smoking briefly restores their stress levels to normal, they soon need another cigarette to forestall abstinence symptoms. The repeated occurrence of stressed moods between smoking means that smokers tend to experience distinctly above-average levels of daily stress. In addition to all this you will receive a powerful, reinforcement audio link that is designed to help eliminate the thoughts and feelings concerning smoking.

Step three – Detoxification


We will provide you with a simple detox formula helping to insure your success. The list consists of some of the world’s most powerful super natural detox supplements as well as all important anti-oxidants that will help you eliminate the 4,700 plus dangerous, toxic, chemical poisons found in cigarettes from your body.

The sooner you pull all the poisons from your body the sooner any residual cravings, irritability and insomnia will disappear. You can purchase these supplements through us or at any major health food or vitamin store.

To monitor our clients success rates each client attending Imagine Laserworks of New England is entered onto our specialized customer information data base and we are able to track world wide success rates with our smoking cessation program instantly. Thousands of clients have been monitored to help insure that they remain smoke free.

Tobacco companies finally spread truth

In 2017, big tobacco companies were mandated by the Supreme Court to publicly address the detrimental health effects of smoking.

Cigarettes contain over 4,000 chemicals, of which 43 are known carcinogens (cancer causing). Fact- smoking causes cancer. Did you know that some of those chemicals include tar, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, even arsenic, just to name a few,


The minute you decide to stop smoking, is the  minute you expand your life.

Live the life you've imagined. 

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