Anxiety, Stress and Depression

Laser Acupuncture is Immediate

If you suffer from stress, anxiety or depression, laser acupuncture provides the perfect solution to help as its effects are immediate, natural and pain free.  For those living with anxiety, immediate relief is always desirable to help us through the situation. That’s because laser acupuncture provides three separate benefits that are important to those living with anxiety:

  • Acupuncture is immediate.

  • Acupuncture reduces reinforcement.

  • Acupuncture deals with other issues.

Stress relief is one session away

You will feel the tension leave your body, you will feel calm and more relaxed and have a feeling of well being. Clients usually sleep deeper and longer, have more energy and are able to cope with crisis better. As a result, the quality of life and relationships will generally improve.

Laser and bio-electrical stimulation of acupuncture points has a relaxation response with decreased heart rate, lower blood pressure, stress reduction and increased energy and tissue regeneration. It has been shown to produce a calming or tranquilizing action that offers relief to those in states of stress.


Laser Acupuncture is designed to be an immediate treatment. While not every session provides complete and full relief right away, as soon as you leave Imagine Laserworks of New England, (and in some cases the next morning), much of your anxiety should be diminished. Compare this to long term treatments that generally require you to work on your anxiety a little at a time over a long period of time or those solutions that only cater to the pharmaceutical avenue. For those with severe anxiety, that can be advantageous.

Reinforcement is also a serious problem for those with anxiety, especially panic attacks. With panic attacks, a person’s fear of getting a panic attack actually causes a panic attack, which of course confirms the fear and makes it more likely to happen again in the future. Acupuncture, may reduce these thought processes completely, which in turn should reduce the potential for your anxieties to reinforce themselves.

While anxiety is a standalone condition, it doesn’t create itself. Often there are other issues in your life that can cause anxiety or contribute to the severity of your anxiety symptoms. Laser Acupuncture may help with those as well. For example, you may find that you become more anxious or on edge after you feel like your heartbeat has increased. Laser Acupuncture may address this issue. 


Depression is a multifaceted health issue that manifests from life’s mental, emotional and physical bodies. By supporting these aspects of your life with the help of various resources from counselors to holistic therapies, such as Imagine Laserworks of New England, you can relieve your depression.

In general, increased levels of serotonin and endorphins are consistent with emotional well-being. Many other scientists acknowledge the need for more research in this area in order to establish the exact mechanisms of these neurotransmitters, and how they are linked to acupuncture (laser therapy). Many studies even report that acupuncture is as effective in treating depression as antidepressants. According to researchers traditional treatments for depression, such as psychotherapy and pharmacology, work for roughly 50% of the patients who finish the treatment.

The World Health Organization (WHO) now recognizes acupuncture as a complimentary treatment for 104 conditions, one of those conditions being depression. Some researchers believe that low levels of serotonin are to falter for such a diagnosis, and these same researchers hypothesized that it could be genetically related, but the environment, in the form of a physical or emotional trauma could possibly trigger it. Many believe the reason acupuncture (laser therapy) helps to relieve depression is because it stimulates the release and synthesis of serotonin. Acupuncture (laser therapy) also causes the release of endorphins in humans and noradrenaline – norepinephrine in animals.

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